What is Namanas and why should I use it?

  • Namanas is a free classifieds web site in your neighborhood. Namanas came into picture after finding an increased need for a platform where the local community could offer services, trade, meet, and help each other. Community members within a city can come here to find an apartment to buy, sell their old car, or computer system, promote their small business, find a life partner, join a dance class, find people who share their interests, get an audience for a local event, trade any item that they might want or have to offer and make new friends. Namanas provides a simple yet robust solution to perform all of the above operations with ease.
  • Today most of classifieds sites are loaded with annoying popups, clumsy design, confusing layout and only urban attention leaving less populated communities no option to connect or share services. We would like to address these problems.
  • If you like our simplistic approach to address most common problems in classifieds domain in our local communities, please support us by using Namanas.
  • Would you like to add your neighborhood city to Namanas? or have a feedback to share with us?, please send an email to Customer Support. We will be excited to hear from you.