What are the various options in the "Report This Ad" section?

    Following are the options in the 'Report This Ad' section:
  • Spam / Duplicate: Any ad that has been posted multiple times in the same region or does not contain classifieds content (e.g. a link to a website without anything specific for sale). This option may also be used for any ad that has been posted across multiple categories.
  • Abusive / Fraud / Scam: Any ad that appears suspicious, or if you believe that the ad's intent is to scam users.
  • Not Available: Any ad that no longer available or discontinued by the owner.
  • Wrong Category: Any ad that appears in the wrong category or subcategory (e.g. a truck that appears in the bikes category).
  • Prohibited: Any ad which contains content that violates our Terms of Service or is deemed to be prohibited content.
  • Other: If any of the above options are not matched and you still like to report about this ad for some other condition, please use this option.